Email Marketing

DrDDS has a team of email deliverability experts focused on making sure your email gets to the dentists’ inbox.

Dedicated IP Address = High Deliverability

One of the main aspects that determines email campaign success is sender reputation. ISPs consider sender reputation as the prime aspect to decide whether to send an email to inbox or dump it in the spam folder. An email’s deliverability depends largely on the reputation of the IP address that sends it. If you are sending from an IP address with a spic-and-span reputation, your emails are more likely to make it in front of the eyes of your subscribers. If your Sender Scores are lower, you may risk being filtered out by some inboxes. With a dedicated IP for emailing this scoring is more in your control. With DrDDS Dedicated IP emailing, we never lets your email get stuck in spam. Dedicated IP addresses make it easy for users to track emails sent and the user will be solely responsible for the sender reputation. As long as the user follows best email standards and abides to email marketing laws, they can be rest assured of the sender reputation. By monitoring your email deliverability, you can chalk out ways to not land up in the pitfalls of blacklisting.

Solo Email Marketing Campaigns:
Solo email blasts are a great way to generate sales and promote OFFERS to buyers nationwide.

Quick and Easy:
Utilize existing email blasts or content or we can design emails for you.

Close Sales:
Email marketing is an effective way to draw interested and qualified buyers to your site in response to your special offer.

Advertising Schedule:
Our Solo Email Blasts package offers a flexible scheduling system that can be tailored to fit your advertising needs.