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How Dental Trade Show Geofencing Works

We build a digital perimeter, or "Geofence" based on the event's location and target a perimeter around the area of the event.
We target smartphones that enter the Geofence. When devices enter the geofenced area and have specific criteria attached to them, they are targeted with ads and engaging content.
Start serving mobile ads
When devices have entered or left the geofenced area, we continue to serve your ads in real-time.
Optimize and convert
Our platform allows for creative changes after the event, landing page updates, and strategies to target the most engaged prospects.
Insights and Reporting
DrDDS provides real-time reporting, tracking, and analytics for your campaign every step of the way.

The DrDDS Geofence Difference

Custom Built Audiences
Custom Built Audiences
Results Delivered
Results Delivered
Real-Time Measurements
Real-Time Measurements

We will build custom audiences based on your desired criteria. We leverage geographic and data insights to build and target dental audiences in real-time. We layer multiple data points on top of real-time geographic information to target your ideal customer or audience profile.


per trade show

What Is Required:


Choose any event location, geographic territory, or local area you would like to start targeting. Give us your target demographics, topics and any other details about your desired audience. The result. Your audiences will see the content you choose to feed and at a set frequency.


We work with you to define campaign objectives, goals, and milestones.

The goal is to increase booth traffic and conversions during the tradeshow.


DrDDS is partnered with top-tier ad exchanges, social networks,
and technology leaders.



What good is dental digital marketing if you can't measure it? Every campaign includes reporting and analytics every step of the way.

Branding and
Conversion Opportunities

Digital advertising technology allows for a level tracking and measurement never before seen. We make it easy to measure the campaign metrics, goals, KPI's, and ultimately deliver on your branding, exposure, engagement and ROI expectations.

Branding and Conversion Opportunities
Geofencing: Hyper Target With Efficiency

Geofencing: Hyper
Target With Efficiency

We make it easy to reach and connect with dental audiences based on their exact location, purpose and profile. If you know where they will be, we can help you reach them and stand from the crowd.