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DrDDS is a digital marketing agency, connecting vendors and dentists with incredible online experiences.

Email Marketing

152,749 dental database

Email marketing is a quick, effective way to drive new prospects to your website. Our email marketing campaigns come with complete delivery, open, and click reports with respondents’ contact information.

Landing Pages

lead generation

First impressions are critical, especially online, so you need your landing page to simultaneously meet customer expectations, sell your product or service, and communicate trustworthiness and credibility.


Kickstart Your Marketing

We work with all dental boards, associations, and RecordLinc to maintain the largest and most up to date list of dentists in the world. We maintain the industries highest quality dental mailing list.

Social Media

Focused Targeting

With Facebook ads we have the ability to upload dentists or specialists to build a target marketing campaign to really focus on your business goals and reaching your KPI’s.


Powerful Mobile Marketing

Geofencing is a way to engage consumers based on hyper-local location, and that can do a lot in terms of triggering immediate sales as well as understanding shopper mindset.


Timeless Marketing

Search engine optimization and search marketing are cornerstones to every solid marketing campaign. Local SEO is important to dentists to attract new patients.

Dental marketing professionals

  • History

    DrDDS was started by the founders of RecordLinc which is the largest network of dentists in the world. We bring in 2.5 million records on dentists from 400 different sources and work with our highly target their ideal customers using big data and machine learning. This allows you to focus on a much more concise prospecting list.

  • Approach

    We research obsessively. We ask you a thousand questions. We nerd out. We pore over data, then we do it again. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and function as an indispensable member of your team. So challenge us—put our passion to work for you.

  • Culture

    Our agency culture embraces improvement and presents an opportunity for our employees to learn and build new skills. It encourages creative teams to always do their best work — no mediocrity allowed. Put forth our best effort and also challenge our colleagues to constantly step up their game.

  • Method

    Our distinct ‘method/madness’ difference helps our client’s gain competitive advantages in cutting through competitive clutter with hands-on productive, creative, profitable, and measurable results. Immersing your campaign with the right mix of integrated marketing methods is the intersection of your success. Let us take the guesswork out of the crossroads and map the direction of a clear, focused marketing path with our spirited approach to our integrated methodical disciplines.

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DrDDS is made up of dental marketing professionals in the USA that are experts in marketing.



Database of Dental Professionals


General Dentist

We invest significant resources to ensure each record has independent buying authority.

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