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We help our client’s gain competitive advantages in cutting through competitive clutter with hands-on productive, creative, profitable, and measurable results. We are a technology company at our core and we utilize the best set of technologies to get the best results.


Let us take the guesswork out of the crossroads and map the direction of a clear, focused marketing path with our spirited approach to our integrated methodical disciplines. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and function as an indispensable member of your team.


We maintain the largest and most complete database in the dental industry. We invest significant resources to ensure our database is the most complete and up to date database of dental professionals on the market.

Included in DrDDS Marketing Plans

Monthly Email Templates

Tracking & Analytics

Ability to Download List of Open & Clicks

Custom List Development

Quarterly Video by Full Service Video Production Team

Access to Monthly Email Best Practices Guide

Trade Show Videos

DrDDS Database Access

Monthly Database Updates

Monthly Marketing Strategy Meetings

Self-Service, Limited, or Managed Delivery

Social Media Endorsements & Monthly Social Media Campaigns

50,000 – Unlimited Emails Delivered Monthly with Dedicated IP Addresses

Trade Show Geo-Targeting

Get booth traffic with geo-targeted video interviews to digitally DRIVE show attendees to your booth!

Location targeting to reach, brand, engage, and convert new and existing customers. Set your salespeople up for success! Geo-target or geo-fencing is a digital marketing technology which is transforming how doctors, vendors and attendees engage with dental brands at trade shows. Connect with dental audiences based on their exact location, purpose and profile. If you know where they will be, we can help you reach them and stand out from the crowd.



Dental Database

Email and physical mailing lists are updated daily.

Harness the marketing power of the DrDDS Database for you own direct mail, email and telemarketing efforts by purchasing a mailing list. has been marketing to the dental market for over twenty years sending over 250 emails a year. Our list is updated daily and proven deliverable and responsive! We have unique expertise in compiling and managing our dental database. This is not a list that has been harvested from web pages. BEWARE of purchasing inexpensive email lists from data aggregators. These lists often contain numerous spam trap emails that will put your email reputation with ISPs at risk Data sources include RecordLinc, state dental boards, dental associations, opt-ins, dental mail responses, customer data from key strategic partners, and new clinics registered with secretaries of state. We guarantee less than 5% of these emails with result in a hard bounce within 30 days.

email marketing

DrDDS has a team of email deliverability experts focused on making sure your email gets to the dentists’ inbox.

One of the main aspects that determines email campaign success is sender reputation. ISPs consider sender reputation as the prime aspect to decide whether to send an email to inbox or dump it in the spam folder. An email’s deliverability depends largely on the reputation of the IP address that sends it. If you are sending from an IP address with a spic-and-span reputation, your emails are more likely to make it in front of the eyes of your subscribers. If your Sender Scores are lower, you may risk being filtered out by some inboxes. With a dedicated IP for emailing this scoring is more in your control. With DrDDS Dedicated IP emailing, we never lets your email get stuck in spam. Dedicated IP addresses make it easy for users to track emails sent and the user will be solely responsible for the sender reputation. As long as the user follows best email standards and abides to email marketing laws, they can be rest assured of the sender reputation.

“Travis is the #1 entrepreneur 
in the dental industry”,

– Dr. Howard Farran

Travis Rodgers, CEO of DrDDS

Travis Rodgers has launched over 150 products into the dental industry for over 100 different dental companies.  He has built 16 software modules under his RecordLinc brand and writes,consults, and speaks on dental marketing and technology.

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