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RecordLinc’s purpose as a company is to provide our customers with products and services of value that meet their requirements.  We are a technology company dedicated to bringing innovation to the dental industry. Our goal is to develop technology platforms that help dentists streamline and simplify their processes to increase revenue.

DrDDS Values

We believe the greatest advancements come from collaboration. Our products are developed to improve and enhance collaboration and so is our company culture.

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Above all, we will conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and honesty with ourselves and our customers.

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We believe that our one unique asset and our most valuable resource is our people.



We believe in an environment characterized by individual freedom, cooperation between teams, and high ethical standards.  This is the environment in which we and our company will flourish.

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We believe that effective, open, and honest communication helps us achieve our greatest potential as individuals and as a company.

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We believe that our highest priority as a company is to build mutually successful relationships with our customers, based on our understanding of their needs and a commitment to satisfying those needs.



We believe that success is achieved through our ability to identify critical issues, set priorities, and meet commitments.  We measure our success by how well we fulfill our company’s purpose.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs and marketing solutions.

Travis Rodgers

CEO | Founder

Jon Scott

VP of Operations

Job Opportunities

Most frequent questions and answers

Position Description:

The Director of Customer Support guides and manages the overall provision of Customer Support services and works with development team on customer experience.

Major Areas of Responsibility

The major areas the Director of Customer Support manages can include:

Represent our customers’ perspective in everything we do and the business decisions we make, with the objective of ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Through constant communication with clients, optimize the experience from their perspective to increase customer loyalty

Create, maintain, and update the customer on-boarding experience for the various products to ensure they are properly trained throughout the entire life-cycle

Communicate with the web development team to document bugs, issues, or other fixes preemptively, or as reported by clients

Training new clients on our current products and new features that are released

Recommend new products to our current clients that they would benefit from

Compile and track customer feedback on all products to help implement future changes

Manage client web design projects through the entire life-cycle

Position Description:

The Director of Marketing manages the email marketing services of our DrDDS business, and supports DrDDS customers. This role provides admin support to the CEO.

Major Areas of Responsibility

The major areas the Director of Marketing and Administrative Support can include:

Provide admin support to Travis:

• Respond to emails

• Schedule meetings

• Schedule travel for shows

• Assist with projects as needed

Coordinate DrDDS customer email blasts (get templates from marketing customers, send to Waqas to load, test and send. Coordinate with customer until approved. I’m currently doing Waqas’ role myself).

Database clean up. Ongoing work with Theresa on database uploads.

Assist database customers with set-up, run reports in Salesforce for database customers

Prospect vendors to schedule calls with Travis to sell marketing/tech solutions.

Clean up Salesforce records manually thru outbound prospecting

Work with Alex on integrations, Set up colleague accounts in RL as needed (this may all fall under Justin now)

Position Description:

Create and oversee development and operation of the patient recall project and business development.


Create the groundwork for a Patient Recall program

• Documentation

• HIPAA compliance

• Develop price point for patient recall services

• Develop marketing and identify target customer

Develop and implement sales/marketing campaigns for Recordlinc, ILUVmydentist, Dentrix Button

• Create template and email campaigns to support sales/marketing

Follow up tools and lead generation

• Work with Karen (Radiant Marketing) on marketing

• Scheduling piece for lead generation

• Calendar scheduling links

• Landing Page

• Summary of services/easy connecting

Prospect dental practices to schedule calls with Travis for RecordLinc, ILUVmydentist, Dentrix Button

Clean up Salesforce records manually thru outbound prospecting

Position Description:

The Vice President of Product Strategy is a top leadership position — and is responsible for product strategy and roadmap, define requirements, managing new product and platforms with feature developments. This position will ensure that the entire company understands the vision and direction for the product portfolio. The Vice President of Product Strategy has the responsibility to communicate and reinforce the product strategy across teams AND will manage all R&D, technology development, and deployment teams.

Major Areas of Responsibility

The major areas the Global Vice President, Product Strategy manages can include:

• Product Vision: Sets the vision for the product and defines the product roadmap

• Defines clear product strategy and its importance to employees, partners, investors and customers

• Develops a strategy that stands on its own, but is also complementary to the vision the CEO has for the company

Team Development

Develops a strong team of researchers, engineers, product owners and designers; recruiting, training and coaching a superior products team


• Ensures planning and collaboration with teams to ship product on schedule

• Owns the complete product experience, considering the customer at every stage of product development

• Fosters the team’s ability to execute rapidly, consistently and effectively

• Manage teams to critical projects deadlines

• Utilizes strong stakeholder management skills and internal evangelism

• Inspires and motivates the company to help get everyone moving in the same direction

Product Culture

• Builds a great product organization adds the dimension of a strong product culture: strong team, a solid vision that can be consistently executed

• Continuously and rapidly testing and learning. He/she understands the need to make mistakes in order to learn, but also the need to make them quickly and mitigate the risks. He/she understands the need for continuous innovation.

• Understands the power of a motivated product team. Knows that great products are the result of true collaboration. He/she respects and values the designers and engineers.

• Can use/leverage real examples of own experiences with product culture and have concrete plans for instilling this culture in our company

Team Chemistry

• Work collaboratively/well with the other key executives, especially the CEO, CMO and Marketing/Sales executive

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